Aurora’s Finest — KayCee Shu AKA KC ‘Kathleen’ Shuma

Aurora’s Finest — KayCee Shu AKA KC ‘Kathleen’ Shuma

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet KayCee Shuma. She will do anything for a drink. She uses guys to pay for anything she can. She has portrayed herself to be this innocent girl who has a job as a teacher at Oswego High School and goes to school (she even drinks with her 17 and 18 year old students!) but is the biggest gold digging undercover floozy Naperville/Chicago has ever seen.

I have seen this girl out multiple times personally and every time I have seen her she was wasted out of her mind with literally a different guy every week, sometimes two different guys in the same night at different bars. I can’t get enough of this for the fact that she thinks she is a model and all she does is sits around on Facebook while ‘teaching’ always posting pictures of herself getting off on how many ‘likes’ her nasty, acne ridden caked on makeup face can get.

She has been a whore her entire life but I guess it wasn’t quite enough for her to only mess with single dudes and chicks. She slept with a guy engaged to be married and just wouldn’t leave him alone after that. Her ex-husband left her for one of their girlfriends after she continuously invited other women into her bed. She tells people that she was cheated on behind her back and that’s her excuse for sleeping with a with a married dude when it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

She even brags to anyone that will listen about how she slept with him on his wedding day! She thinks its all fun and games but is a major downgrade to his wife. This nasty loose bitch thinks she’s god’s greatest gift to men. Well sorry you’re not. My buddy hooked up with her. He now has a DRD and she is the only girl he’s hooked up with in a while. This girl is dirty and trailer park trash.

Somebody please submit this husband. His wife needs to know the greatest day of her life wasn’t peaches and roses.- nik

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  1. DanteJune 6, 2018 at 1:28 PM

    This b1tch has been cheating on her new woman with her Pepsi dealer. She started a candle making business, KC’s Kandles, as a way for her to meet unsuspecting men and woman to screw and screw over at local fairs. This guy has no car, no place to live, and no job. All he has is Pepsi, weed, ecstasy, and pain killers. In other words he’s got what she wants so she let him move in with her. Last a week she had a miscarriage from all the drugs and booze. She was several weeks late for her period and thought she might be pregnant, but refused to find out for sure. Instead she decided to party hard every day doing Pepsi, Vicodin, drinking cheap vodka, fireball, and RumChata. She might be trying to get pregnant to trap someone. She will have sex with anyone and even let guys come over to have sex if they help pay her utilities, rent, groceries, clothes, candle making supplies, drugs, alcohol etc… Won’t even make guys put a condom on either.