Avoid The Hairy Food At Cheesecake Factory In Edison, New Jersey

Avoid The Hairy Food At Cheesecake Factory In Edison, New Jersey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is so gross! Went with a friend to the Edison, New Jersey Cheesecake Factory. We ordered two dishes off the Skinnylicious menu- and BOTH had hairs in them!

The first was a pasta and shrimp dish that had a long hair legitimately BAKED into the shrimp tail as you can see in the photo. The waitress took it back and wanted to get us another but we declined. Then, the second dish- a steak dish- had a hair that looked like it was from a beard at the bottom of the dish. The worst part is that my friend had eaten all of the food and on her last bite noticed it. When we pointed that out to the waitress she became nasty, telling us she’d have to actually verify if that was a hair and then tried pushing dessert on us- as if we’d want that after the hairy food. She left for 20 minutes and then threw the bill at us, leaving the dish with the hair at the bottom on it.

We ended up speaking to a manager who took that one item off the bill. We didn’t tip the waitress due to her attitude and claims she needed to verify if it was a hair as if she was a forensic scientist, but here’s a tip for #TheDirtyArmy- if you go to Cheesecake Factory- especially one in Dirty Jersey- check your food or you might end up choking on a hair… And, definitely avoid the Edison, NJ Cheesecake Factory.

Not to flashback to the West Coast, but Cheesecake Factory has a history (click here).- nik


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