Aysia Garza CON ARTIST From Houston And Miami

Aysia Garza CON ARTIST From Houston And Miami

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is disgusting Aysia Garza from Houston and Miami, from Bad Girls Club another show that most people don’t watch. She is known for sleeping with multiple men some of who are married in different cities. On Instagram she has 368,000 followers yet on most of her posts she receives less than 10 comments mostly from fake accounts. This girl is a complete fraud from head to toe. Now she is trying to con more men out of money saying her car crash injuries are fatal in an attempt to try con people so she can get enough money to pay for breast implants.

I know four guys who have each slept with Aysia and have all shown receipts. On top of this Aysia Garza sleeps with married men just to make rent money but yet she still lives with her parents. This girl is so disliked that she was jumped by a group of women a few years back. Her Instagram is ‘insideaysia’ and I’m pretty sure we all know why. Girls like her give all of us girls a bad name. Please shed light on female con artist.

She actually gives business receipts… must be for tax purposes. Penetration paper trails are not smart, but write-offs are needed… so I get the bonus factor.- nik


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