Bank Robbin Drug Trafficking Nutjob — Robin Potskin

Bank Robbin Drug Trafficking Nutjob — Robin Potskin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this woman when I was separated. Robin Potskin asked me to quit my job and move to Edmonton with her. Before I came to Edmonton she would call my job multiple times even leave messages on my work answering machine. Harass my sisters even make fake profiles of the woman I was separated with. Because I did not tell her who I was separated with. She would steal pictures off my ex’s profile that I haven’t been with in 10+ years.

When I moved there I would scrub the whole house, cook dinner, pick up kids from daycare and then I would bathe Robin massage her body everyday and night. I would go to her mother’s house and put in labor just to help out. I volunteered at her aunt’s wake all in good heart. But during my time there she wanted me to control her child’s drug use. Something she’s been doing before I even met her is giving the child drugs. She would have the Haitian guy named Ace over her house breaking out pepsi and weed and also storing his backpack full of pepsi and weed in her basement.

There were times that her daughter would sneak out to go have sex and do the drugs Robin gave to her. I would lay on the floor by Robin’s feet while she laid on couch waiting for her daughter to come back. Then when her daughter did come back, Robin rewarded her actions with giving her drugs. Then she got on FB calling me a Skinner because I said it was BS.

She would get me to go to her mother’s house to pick up drugs to traffic to her aunts house. She would do this trafficking to her Aunt’s house with young kids in van. She also said I volunteered to pick up the drugs at her momma’s house that was sitting underneath the tire by her mama’s garage door. But the only reason why I did it so her child wouldn’t.

I so many times to throw all drugs and paraphernalia away. But her child needed it so she said.  Tried to keep God first in the home when there because who else had my back? We went to the Catholic church with her mom one time. I told her I will convert which really wouldn’t be that hard because my mom is Native and Catholic but I’m Southern Baptist.

When I carried Robin to the Baptist Church Castledowns Baptist Church. During worship she talked very ugly about everybody they’re worshipping and walked out. She threatened that Franklin William Gladue was going to kill me and Neil George Gladue was going to do a home invasion. The men she helped rob three banks. And even took pride in by making a FB profile name Robin banks. Clever right?

She also smuggled drugs in prison for her baby daddy Franklin William Gladue for years. When sopping she would shoplift in front of her kids and she also told her child it was okay to steal but not from family and friends. She called my deceased mother a b****. On the day of mourning where Matis or American Indians mourn the loss of our sovereignty. Not only that it was a day for me to mourn the times I’ve had the Klu Klux Klan show up on my doorstep. And it was the day for me to mourn the lynching of my mother. She thought it was funny and told me that she was happy and thankful. Even when I told her not to they laughed and said it anyway. The next day I left. This woman made many fake profiles of me and other things on websites that all my family has seen.

OP- you are the softest man ever. Why did YOU create this madness for yourself? I have zero sympathy for you. She might be crazy, but you’re an idiot for placing yourself inside of her.- nik

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  1. Cpl. Dan MerkowskiSeptember 16, 2017 at 6:15 AM

    David- my man. You are a fake marine and you stole that valor from a deceased family member. Camp LeJeune has your number. Keep it up brother. We’re gonna hook you up with your VA benefits. Don’t claim to serve where you didn’t. Semper Fi- B*tch.

    • DaveOctober 1, 2017 at 6:44 AM

      Lol. Stolen valor. Ok. Robins bf or whoever Robin. Just because I was a sub contractor for Camp Lejeune does not mean I was a Marine. Civilians can be sub contractor for the us forces. Your a dumb Canadian. My family that are in the armed forces are not even or never were station at Camp Lejeune. Please tell your girl to quit sending messages to my family. Thank you.

    • DaveOctober 1, 2017 at 5:28 AM

      Stolen valor? Deceased family member? Ok Robin just because I told you I was a sub contractor for Camp Lejeune does not mean I was a Marine. Camp Lejeune also has civilian Contractors. My family who have served are in Louisiana not in or has never served at Camp Lejeune nice try Robin Potskin or who ever knows this drug trafficking family.

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