Barry Carr is a Kiss costume making FRAUD

Barry Carr is a Kiss costume making FRAUD

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if you are a Kiss fan, or in a Kiss tribute band and you are looking to have a Kiss costume made – you need to read this. As a matter of fact, read this and then Google Barry Carr. Then when you finish, go to Facebook and look up Barry Car Kiss Costumes. The amount of negative posts, negative feedback and unsatisfactory/poor reports on this man and his “company” will probably floor you. There have been many – and even some of my friends who have had bad dealings with Barry Carr. They have been ripped off or scammed out of merchandise.

Barry is nice on the phone but if you continue to speak with him you will see him for the nasty midget he really is. He slanders any other costume makers who make Kiss costumes on his website blog, on the phone, and in conversations. When you go to his website you see some very nice costumes on mannequins. Barry makes very little of these. Most of them are contracted out – like to his boot maker in Mexico. He claims that Maria Contessa – who made Kiss’ costumes in the 70’s now makes his body suits. This is a lie. Mr. Carr is also a trickster – he is commendable in the old bait and switch routine. You simply do not get what you paid for or it’s delivered months later – if at all. If you purchase a costume and something breaks – god forbid, do not call this man.

Barry has a reputation of being a nasty individual. He calls, emails, texts and threatens you. If you call about an order that is late, something that has broken, or something that doesn’t fir right, he automatically becomes defensive and launches through the roof. He will threaten you physically – he will threaten to do harm. He will threaten to sue you. Sue? You mean to tell me you are going to sue someone for making UNLICENSED MERCHANDISE????

Barry used to be involved with another con-man named Gary Evans. I since do not know if he is still in business with this guy but they did scam many people I know from the Kiss conventions for years! Barry is a miserable, paranoid Gene Simmons wanna-be who looks like a dwarf and talks a big game. He lives in his trailer making his outfits trying to get in touch with members of Kiss who have him escorted out of meet and greets and concerts constantly. In fact, Gene’s representatives – attorneys – are currently investigating Mr. Carr for making tens of thousands of dollars off of Kiss for UNLICENSED PRODUCTS.

Barry uses many addresses and names for his business and has over the years. The latest have been ROCK BOTTOM COSTUMES – that is a little trailer located at 33 Harmony Church Rd in Kentucky. The latest address being in Mayfield. If you have had a negative business dealing with Dingle Barry Crook Carr – as many have had – you can contact [email protected] – pleasure be sure to include all correspondence and threatening emails/messages via mp3. You may also contact Gene’s agent Mitch Rose at [email protected] These letters will be forwarded to Gene’s attorney.

I have seen Barry screw people now for YEARS. I have heard about him calling customers and threatening them physically – as well as threatening lawsuits. Save your money – go to a more reputable costume maker. Go to someone who has a good reputation. Do not do business with this man. You will be sorry. As many in the Kiss tribute acts – 90% WILL NOT DEAL WITH BARRY CARR. Not even gene Simmons himself who has had him thrown out of many events and concerts.

KISS fans unite … it’s time to take Barry down! Sophie’s trust money depends on it! (Miss you SS).- nik

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