Be careful of the Narcissist of Reno: Brittany Thomas

Be careful of the Narcissist of Reno: Brittany Thomas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw a post about her earlier, but now Brittany Thomas started a blog as a way to counteract what was written on The Dirty. She is dangerous! I’ve worked with this girl and everything that was said on The Dirty is 100% true!!! She slept with our clients, our boss, and her *now* current boyfriend, while she had another boyfriend!

She used her exs for a free trips to Hawaii, all around the world, and even as a way to relocate to different cities. Now she’s using her current boyfriend for a paycheck, tickets to burning man, and other festivals. She is a horrible backstabber. I watched her make friends with girls and then use all the information she gathered to blackmail and try to control them. When she got jealous of one of our colleagues, she pretended to be her friend and then tried to get her fired by telling our supervisor lies.

She has infiltrated a new group of friends through her new boyfriend. They’re all Microsoft engineers and tech- marketing people. I hope that they’re aware that she’s using them and they need to be careful!! When she’s rejected, she acts like a crazy animal. I know people who have feared for their life because of her. When she was fired, our supervisor said that Brittany began texting her crazy things. She tried to sleep with her boyfriend, and she tried to convince a group of us to quit! 3 different people have told me that they’ve tried getting the police involved, but all they do is talk to her. Brittany is a master at pretending to be a good person. Follow the trail: thats not ‘loving’ energy, that’s evil toxicity.

Is Britt looking at you or me? OP- it’s Reno. It’s a city of rejects… you don’t live there unless you’ve screwed over everyone in your former life. She’s exactly where she needs to be.- nik

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