Beware Identity Thief — Vivian Reyes Of Chicago

Beware Identity Thief — Vivian Reyes Of Chicago

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Vivian Reyes. She prides herself in being one of Chicago’s hottest strippers ever since she got her crooked implants. When she’s not grinding in garages, she’s scamming married men. She bragged about scamming her latest victim out of 10k, stealing his social security card.

Proceed with caution when dealing with this slut. Reyes has a creepy, single white female vibe going… Where she’ll pretend to be your friend and then start stalking you and taking your persona. She’ll lie, steal and cheat to get what she wants, all the while dumping her poor 3 year old on anyone that’ll take her.

The baby obviously didn’t come out correctly, those stretch marks are to die for. Note to Snapchat: please make a +2’s filter, the Disney animals only fix the face.- nik

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