Beware: Jada Doyle Of Sherwood Park

Beware: Jada Doyle Of Sherwood Park

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hi Nik, I’m here to warn you about this fraud, Jada Doyle!! Jada lives in Sherwood Park with her 3rd husband and her daughter from her 1st marriage. Jada is a Personal Health and Life coach and she teaches “fitness” at Moksha Yoga, she was fired from her last 2 jobs. I worked with Jada at Scult Barre and she confided her “success” secrets to me. As a life and fitness coach she preaches about living a stress free, loving and nurturing life, but hers is anything but!!! Jada has been involved in court battles for the past 2 years!!

She is in a vicious court battle with her ex. She brags about how she keeps her daughter away from her Dad and teachers her daughter to hate him. He is taking her to court for full custody and will definitely win the case. Her fraud doesn’t end there, Jada claims she has lost dozens of pounds by following her “healthy” lifestyle and advice but she actually takes Xenical daily!!

Her other weight loss secret is old fashioned anorexia. Jada bragged about how she was anorexic in high school and how she can’t believe it pays her bills now. If that wasn’t enough, Jada and her current husband are in marital counselling because of her extreme behaviour. She is always out with her BFF Niki Smith, shopping and spending their husband’s money. After shopping these 2 can always be found at Oscars pub killing bottles of wine. Jada has mood swings from the pills and will run out of the house and leave at the drop of a dime. Her husband is ready to pack up and walk out!!! Jada is a total nightmare!! She makes her money by lying and frauding people!!! Her whole life and persona are a lie, a total gimmick. Beware Sherwood Park!!!

Fake Scissor Gang Mafia.- nik

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  1. DawnellaApril 2, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    Jada was my healthstyle coach 3 years ago.At first everything was good but once I paid her her persona changed.She wouldn’t return calls or emails and was always blowing me off.She finally asked me to meet her at her house for a meditation session and her kid was there.She parked her in front of the tv with an iPad.The kid wAs having a tantrum and screaming for her phone. Jada told her if she kept it up she was going to take her daycare. The kid was telling her she hated her and screaming.trying relaxing and meditating after that. This chick is a nightmare.

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