Beware Of Instagram THEIF Nikki Vianna

Beware Of Instagram THEIF Nikki Vianna

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please display this THIEF**** We paid Nikki Vianna $500 US to do a photo on Instagram… IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE POSTED UP FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS AND ALSO BE POSTED ON SNAPCHAT, very simply she was supposed to wear our new t-shirt and post a picture… and she stole our money and instead just posted a pic of the t-shirt on a table (3 1/2 MONTHS LATER AFTER 60 EMAILS AND ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT HER AND HER “AGENT”… She never wore it… SHE REFUSED TO WEAR IT, AND INSTEAD TURNED AROUND AND DEMANDED an additional $3,500 to wear it.

She admitted cashing the $500 money order, and I have proof that she did in fact cash it and stole our money- After about 20 attempts to ask for the $500 back it was never returned, nor were our emails… DON’T EVER PAY THIS WOMAN A PENNY FOR A POST OR ANYTHING ELSE…..BEWARE******** It’s so disgusting, this woman goes around claiming she’s famous… has over 3 million Instagram followers and won’t post a picture for $500 cash (as promised by her and her “agent”), and she has the nerve to quote part of the Bible in her Instagram bio- 100% fraud!

Why are you yelling? Just sue her for emotional distress. It’s obvious she gave you Tourette’s syndrom. – nik

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  1. KkOctober 18, 2018 at 3:47 PM

    I believe what everyone is complaining here. She’s an asshole in person as well. Dirty.

  2. JadeOctober 20, 2017 at 5:48 PM

    yep! She is a total scam artist. Happened to our brand too

    • lexisMarch 15, 2018 at 4:40 PM

      DO NOT WORK WITH NIKKI she is a thief, took $1000s of dollars to post on Instagram wearing our garments, she never posted and then ignored us and 1 year later still has not done her posts!

  3. RichSeptember 25, 2017 at 6:40 AM

    Ive requested numerous times for thedirty to Remove this post. You need to remove it now. You do not have my legal permission or authority to post this, it was written in error. If you don’t remove it legal action will be taken against you.

    • Nik RichieSeptember 25, 2017 at 9:22 AM

      Ok. Legal action is fine. Have your lawyer email mine. Thx.

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