Beware Of Ivy Love Brooks

Beware Of Ivy Love Brooks

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, she tried multiple times to get with my man before and once I became pregnant and after. She would text him, and he would ignore, until one day after school and we were in an argument. Ivy Love Brooks took the opportunity to slide into his DMs saying disrespectful things about me. She wanted to hang out with him, but he said no.

My man and I had just had our daughter 7 ish months before; and her and her boyfriend/ baby daddy had their daughter 3 ish months before. It’s pathetic. You would think she had respect for her man or her daughter.. (who are both pictured) and Ivy gets it from her mom; Corrinda Brooks, who lives in Cape Girardeau as well. They both had a threesome with a 15 year old when Ivy was dating him.. she is a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER AT HIGH SCHOOLS. Be careful women too- Ivy claims She’s bi-sexual.

You need to move out of the Cape before you lose your husband.- nik

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