Beware of Josh Barnes

Beware of Josh Barnes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Josh Barnes is a serial abuser and malignant narcissist whose favorite pastime is to get drunk and berate and beat women. He lives in Milwaukie’s Miramonte Lodge and works at Cascade Record Pressing for owner/best friend and fellow ‘ex’ nazi Mark Rainey who he met in the white power scene. He has recently reinvented himself as a proponent of ‘social justice,’ but it’s all an act just like the rest of his phony ‘good guy’ personality. He is still racist, a misogynist, violent, and sadistic.

He went to prison for two years for busting out his best friend’s teeth with a baseball bat. You might find him at River Road House bar down the street or Beer Store also in Milwaukie, although he frequents bars in Portland like Star Bar, Speakeasy Tavern, and The Lost and Found. He has a grey pit bull named Gwennie he likes to show off to show people what a ‘good person’ he is when he actually hits her and drags her to bars when she is injured to use as an accessory for his attention whoring. He’s bald and ALWAYS wearing a hat, usually a backwards cap. He has tattoos on his neck, arms, and hands. He is a pathological liar and insatiable abuser and will stop at nothing to get supply even if that means beating your face in.

I hope Google does its job with Josh Barnes.- nik

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  1. TwigFebruary 9, 2018 at 12:43 AM

    I want to pop that thing

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