Beware of Max Grau from San Diego

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Max Grau comes off a a genuine surfer boy from Encinitas, but there is more behind what meets the eyes. HE is a f**king lair and a f**k boy! He told me lies like he had a beach house so I would come meet up with him (we met off tinder). When i show up to his house and he lures me into a creepy dark garage with a bed in it. He didn’t take me out like he promised. We just sat on his dungeon bed and drank alcohol until we ended up having sex. I felt so horrible when I left, but the was not the worst part. I am sorta new to the area, but every new person I met had a story about this guy. There were girls telling me they contracted DRDs after sleeping with him ..which made my hart sink. But I tried not to kiss him or preform anything skin to skin. so went to a clinic and checked out fine. I know this is the lifestyle that Max Grau wants to live but lying ? and having a different woman every night is going to ruin you and your life eventually. So ladies take it from me- he’s not worth your time and not worth a DRD. Bye.

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