Beware of Nicolo Knows From Miami

Beware of Nicolo Knows From Miami

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to raise awareness about this scumbag before more girls fall prey to his selfishness and unending lust. Nicolo Knows is a resident of Downtown Miami, and found frequenting all the usual social hotspots at E11EVEN, Story, LIV etc.. He pretends to be a wealthy entrepreneur from selling his art (which looks terrible), and wine distribution.

It’s all a front, and he’s really just a narcissist F-boy spending his daddy’s money on VIP tables, boats, private jet trips, and escorts. The worst part is he picked up some diseases, probably from one of his daily P4P, and is starting to spread it around to all of the lovely ladies gullible enough to fall for his egotistic charms. Beware of Nicolo, and don’t get fooled into joining him on his boat, or tables, or you may get burned!! He may be one of the worst personalities in the Miami party scene.

If anyone in Miami texts me to help this loser I will post your ASS, that’s a promise! I don’t care who you are. I’m back and I’m back for blood.- nik

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