Bi Polar – alchoholic with a heart covered in ice!

Bi Polar – alchoholic with a heart covered in ice!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I’ve got a real one for you here, real piece of work. Met Danielle Joeleen White 3 ½ years ago, just getting out of a marriage and starting work as a stripper/bar manager living above the bar due to circumstances. Met this girl here beautiful, nice friendly…damn thought I hit the jackpot. Did a real excellent job at hiding who she really was at first. Then I noticed she was drunk or drinking literally every night (at first I thought it was because of her job) She works the bar at the nastiest strip club in Niagara…..ugly fat strippers, way overpriced watered down drinks (I managed the bar remember, so I know) rats in the ceiling, broken down dump called MINTS. How that place is still in business is beyond me. Anyways spent nearly two years there….Now I went through a lot then and im not about to sit here and act like I was perfect because for awhile I was far from it, hard to deal with, angry, hated women, no trust in the (due to the ex wife) and I was the nicest and she did stick around during that (not without cheating twice thanks to her best friend, also a drunk Erin) but that’s a whole different post, not going to go their now. I do have to thank her for being by me then regardless of her true self. I fell into partying a bit hard, was getting taken advantage of at work, not paying me sh*t….at the time that bar was me! And all the sh*t in it.

Anyways, I left…I wasn’t getting anywhere and who I became I didn’t like….i had nothing and I lost myself but I knew I loved her (or so I thought) I started working hard and built an internet based company in 9 months that employs 8 ppl with my main office on the 3rd floor in an 18 floor building. I found myself again, while I was doing that I was always trying…begging at times to see my girlfriend, blinded but the thought of love….the entire time I was lucky if I got 4 days in a month, at times she would go nearly two months without seeing me……making plans every weekend but blowing it off every time, never once did she come see me on a weekend when I wasn’t working building my empire, ditched me every time I bought us weekends away, dinner at the nicest places, threw out every gift cause she never showed up….hell, were supposed to be going on a 9,500.00 trip at the end of the month. This girl mind f*cked me along, playing me good. Always keeping me right on the side and every time she saw me start to go she would jump in…say and do whatever she could to keep me believing we were still together. Told me she wanted to move down…made two separate dates that she never ended up doing obviously giving excuses I like an idiot believed… I even had a ring and was saving it for the day she moved in, I was going to purpose then because I knew she was nervous and I wanted to make sure I made her feel she was protected and she made the right choice. THANK GOD THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

Now she got away with a lot because I knew her well, (this girl is the definition of a blond joke!) just completely clueless in every aspect of life, worked at the bar the longest, over 10 years and still was the slowest one forgetting constantly how to make simple drinks….could not grasp the concept of pouring more then one drink at a time, not even if they were the same drink lol…..but she looked good. She was always right apparently, everything no matter what was always spun to be my fault, angry mean drunk nightly, the next day she would completely forget the horror scene from the night before and wonder why I wasn’t cuddled up next to her. Said the cruellest things while drunk, was abusive…. just a down right sloppy retarded shit bag pretty much 85% of the time. She is materialistic and only cares about what she wants, does what she wants when she wants no matter what. Ya I know, I was an idiot for staying as long as I did…. blinded I was.

Anyways, stung me along 7 months, just doing whatever she wanted…. recently found out she was fucking nearly everything….and basically started seeing someone who acted like a friend of mine while still roping me along playing games with me pouting me through hell! I was a stripper over 10 years, never caught shit…tested regularly. Well its been only her in the past 3 years….i was settled and happy to be. Well….im not clean now, this bitch passed me something that won’t kill me, but remind me of her for the rest of my life, talking a pill daily to make sure I don’t pass it and it rarely not surfaces. God damn….so I ended up finding out about the two of them by mistake…. went through hell, wasted away nearly $20,000.00 on trips, events, parties you name it. Never showed up to one of them. SHE IS A COLD HEARTLESS BITCH, PUT ME THROUGH HELL FEEDING LIES OF LOVE AND A LIFE TOGETHER WHILE LIVING THE SINGLE LIFE ACTING LIKE A RETARDED COLLEGE GIRL. Thank god the truth came out before it was too late, I have my accomplishments and a money stream that’s damn sure not drying up anytime soon. EVERYONE ELSE beware of her! She will pass you this shit she gave me and not give a fuck! Probably got it from her now new boyfriend lol, my old so called friend who swooped in while I was not in town Jonny Spelliscy, a real snake piece of shit! Fuck you both, she is your problem now bud lol have fun with that! ILL BE FINE TRUST ME 😊

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  1. Son of CattlemanAugust 19, 2018 at 4:03 PM

    She is so good looking!

  2. NobodyJuly 15, 2018 at 11:13 PM

    For some women one greg is just not enough. At least she left you with a gift.

  3. RobJuly 15, 2018 at 12:52 AM

    Is this Monica?

  4. Dr LickMarch 23, 2018 at 3:36 PM

    U must have been blinded by the +2’s

  5. TIgreMarch 23, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    She sounds like a challenge.

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