BOUNCE In New York City Is Crawling with InstaHoes

BOUNCE In New York City Is Crawling with InstaHoes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, was at a sports club with a boyfriend when I noticed there were tables with girls who looked like they were B grade models. Disgusting attitudes, drugged out, and all over “clients”. A group of them attempted luring my boyfriend to buy them shots and when he said he wasn’t interested, they cursed him out and disappeared with another gentleman to come back with pupils wide and very powdered noses.

We just wanted to come to enjoy the game and some burgers, but I guess this place is also some kind of side business to pimp girls out. I guess if you want to play with some instahoes, Bounce is the spot to go to. Just remember to bring cash and pepsi.

What is a ‘sports club’? Is that code for something… also why do her eyebrows touch… you know which one I’m talking about. These girls are so beat, no wonder it’s called Bounce.- nik

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