Cathy Tessier The Man Stealer

Cathy Tessier The Man Stealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was in a relationship with a man for four years until this thing decided to steal him and be his mistress, who then became his new girlfriend. Cathy Tessier thinks she is perfect and that she is drop dead gorgeous but has four children and, well to my belief, she is looking for a father for them because, guess what? They are fatherless.

I have been sleeping with him even though they are together. He tells me there is a chance of getting back together which is lies because he said she is terrible at sex. I have texts for proof. I have videos of me sleeping with him. I have voice recording and everything. He is a cheater and she is a man stealer she wont even allow him to see his son.

You know the dog filter is for chicks who hate their God given nose and/or nose job. I decided.- nik

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