Chatham’s Catcher Brittany Anne Rylett

Chatham’s Catcher Brittany Anne Rylett

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Brittany Anne Rylett. The catcher from Chatham who cheated on Matthew Marchand with 4 different guys but plays grieving widow after he passes. One week after he passed away she was sending inboxed to men even some she’s never met trying to hook up.

She’s a two faced lying trash talker who starts drama with anyone. She does cocaine and has even done it in front of her daughter. CAS is involved and she’s about to have her daughter taken away! She lurks at Bar Out Back and use to be a regular at Tonic in Chatham. She’s slept with two married men in Chatham one who owns a bunch of businesses, she broke up a family and will stalk your ex boyfriend and bang him if she doesn’t like you.

Brittany Anne Rylett lost all her close girlfriends because she slept with their men. I also heard she gave two of them a DRD that’s permanent hence how the ladies found out.

Don’t worry gentleman, you can only catch it once.- nik

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