Classic old man if there every was one!

Classic old man if there every was one!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hello Nik, this is Mr. Brian Summers! Who’s That? Well, he’s the POS that has decided to build a 50ft Tower with a 30ft x 12ft boom at the top! right in our back yard! (community) and in direct view.. what a major eye sore! Despite community disapproval, this POS is building it anyway! Pretty much the big FU from an old hermit! Where is this all taking place?? Well go take a look for yourself on Salsbury way Victoria B.C. you can see this from all angles so enjoy! As for you Mr. Brian Summers well… SCREW YOU!

Maybe he’s trying to communicate with Aliens?- nik

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  1. TwigFebruary 9, 2018 at 12:35 AM

    I want him to look through my bedroom window

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