Creeper At The Ritz In NYC

Creeper At The Ritz In NYC

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my husband and I went to a gay club in New York City called The Ritz. It’s in Midtown. We were out for a night of dancing and drinks when some weirdo came up to my husband and started trying to wildly shake his ass on him. We both found it amusing at first and were completely laughing it off. But the weirdo kept grinding on my husband incessantly and when my husband told him he was married, he leaned over and creepily said “There’s a thing called divorce and I’m a lawyer.”

Yes, because most lawyers creepily hang around in bars preying on other people’s men. Sicko! I then had some words with him to get him to leave us alone, and then he hopped onto the next man, trying the same shtick. I love NYC and I love the gay clubs there, but this was certainly a creepy experience. If you see a booty shaking weirdo with a backpack trying to prey on multiple men, watch out.

Next time take a picture… I have a feeling he was wearing a JanSport. And shame on The Ritz for letting an ass rub the Greg of your husband. Scooby I need a visual, thank you.- nik

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