Cristi Curren — Narcissistic Deadbeat Trash

Cristi Curren — Narcissistic Deadbeat Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cristi is a deadbeat slore. She neglects her children to leave mommy to care for them. She sits on her a55 for free government money. She is a methhead who lets her monthly boyfriends hurt her children and she’s a little brat that has had everything handed to her, otherwise she will strike her mother if she doesn’t get her what she wants. She sends her “friend’s” bfs nudes while she is also in a “relationship.” She is a walking DRD and an abusive pos to her children and gets pregnant at least once a year, for the last 9 years.

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  1. NewyorkSeptember 17, 2018 at 11:02 PM

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