Crystal Greer of Thunder Bay

Crystal Greer of Thunder Bay

THE DIRTY AMY: Nik, a picture of my cheating ex fiance. When we met she was living in an angry bootlegers kitchen and her three children were living with her ex-husband who abused them by smacking and hitting them on a day to day basis.. I fell in love with her because I wanted to save her and them (the wrong reasons).. I got her and I a good place to live and we had our baby. Time went on and I caught her ex husband doing very devious sexual things in front of his child. I then revealed the truth about his past to Crystal.. She was shocked to find he had killed someone in the second degree and committed manslaughter on them.. This is not what he told her when they met..

Time went on and her son admitted to being hit by his father, I then helped her and our family to a safe place and got her a good lawyer. I gave her the tools she needs to get her children in her custody… During our three and a half year relationship she cheated on me 3 times.. Once with a random guy at the bar and once with a guy that was HIV positive.. The third time was the last straw when she was staying out every night until 6 am and making me watch all 5 of her children when only 2 were mine.. I installed a key logger on our computer and it took 6 hours to get the truth- she had been having intercourse with someone she was lying to about her relationship status..

He ended up really not liking her when he found out the truth from me, and she ended up smashing plates and screaming at her children when he expressed that.. This is a very gross deceptive gutter girl here and if you see her at a bar.. Stay miles away unless u wanna catch something.. Lol well now I have my children and I’m moving forward faster then I ever have in the past 3 years.. I guess the devil was done with me and good riddance because she never found the best source of light in me, she never wanted them anyways. Oh ya and she has bed bugs so be very careful.

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  1. Look outDecember 21, 2017 at 11:52 AM

    Ya you will wanna stay away from the chick. Drama everytime I see her

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