Daisy Arbizu Is P4P in Dallas

Daisy Arbizu Is P4P in Dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – What’s the difference between a Party Girl/Sugar Baby who soaks guys for money and a girl that’s Play for Pay, and a hooker? I know you have plenty of experience with the first category, as a long time Dirty Army member you were spending $50k in under 6 weeks on Nik’s Chick Sarah Wood, that was a lesson for all of us. So let me provide an example of the Play for Pay type of girl.

Daisy Arbizu is a known P4P who trolls guys on Seeking Arrangements (do they give you a royalty payment for all the free publicity you give them?) and hits up guys with the tried and true “Want to have some fun today” line. She will meet you at the hotel of your choice without even the casual meet and greet first. No, its name the time and place and she will be knocking on your door.

She is average at best in bed, but she does have a nice body thanks to the +2’s that are just about a year old. She definitely isn’t the smartest girl you’ve ever met which is why she makes her money on her knees and back. But if you’re looking for some quick fun, sign up for an account and she will hit you up pretty quick. So what’s the answer to the difference question? Absolutely nothing, they are all hookers, they just have different packaging and marketing.

I can see how the basketballs got to you. And I agree with your answer.- nik


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