Dana La Reina Jolie From Phoenix

Dana La Reina Jolie From Phoenix

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dana La Reina Jolie is a heinous disgusting human being. Some of you may know her alias (Ainsley St Claire)- This chick acts like she has terminal cancer, when she only has 1 (benign) tumor! She’s playing the sympathy card because she had to do chemotherapy- but she has all of her hair and is perfectly fine. She has a ‘Desmoid’  tumor which is a (non-cancerous) growth also called “aggressive fibromatosis” (which sounds worse than it actually is!)- so in-short what she has is NOT going to kill her.

She is lucky that it’s NOT life-threatening- it’s not as bad as she claims it is. Only an insensitive neurotic person would make it seem worse than it actually is. It makes me sick that she is making her benign mass out to be dire, when there are actual terminally ill children around the world losing their on-going battle to cancer as we speak… But of course a narcissist would never see it that way.

What is her GoFundMe link? I would like to donate.- nik


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  1. DrrrtybitchAugust 30, 2017 at 5:45 PM

    It takes a really insecure healthy person to bitch about someone with a chronic illness because you don’t think they’re sick enough or as sick as someone else. Sounds to me like she’s not the narcissistic one.