Danger Ahead! Who is the Real Nicole Moodie?

Danger Ahead! Who is the Real Nicole Moodie?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this goes out to all of you MARRIED and SINGLE guys. I wish I’d seen the warning signs or heeded the ones I saw, but I didn’t and this girl wrecked my life. So be warned, get away while you still can, and pass this on to all your friends so they can be spared! The Real Nicole Moodie. While she’ll tell you she loves you and show up crying on your door at 3 AM, the real Nicole plays mind games (accuses you of all the things she is actually doing), is a liar, cheater (I have proof she slept with at least 4 guys while she was with me), a manipulative narcissist, and an all-around TOXIC person!

If you don’t trust me about the toxic part, well even seasoned professionals have labeled her like this! I hoped she’d change, but she never will!! Don’t be fooled! What happens when you let Nicole in your life? Everything you built before her goes up in smoke or looks like road kill. She cost me my job I spent decades building…not because I did anything wrong but because she called and emailed my company so many times a day for months that even they could not take her any more. What kind of person tries to get their fiancée fired from his well-paying job that takes care of her??? That’s just INSANE!!!

She made up lies about me and kept track of any accident or mistake I made to use against me like I was a criminal she was trying to prosecute, but called it love!! I lost my amazing job, had to find another career completely, got behind on child support with no income, and nearly lost my home! NO WOMAN IS WORTH THIS!! Sadly, she’s no better at work! Nicole has been known to sleep with her colleagues and she works in Human Resources…now isn’t that ironic or at least allows her to cover it up better. The week she stayed with me when I thought she just needed a place while her friend’s family was in town, she was drinking on company time by the early afternoon and so drunk from taking shots that she was passed out by shortly after 5 PM. What a work ethic!! Is this the kind of person you would want representing your company?

She’s also nearly impossible to get rid of…she leaves you and then comes crawling back when she needs something. Nicole knows no limits!! She even used putting her dog to sleep to get back in my house just because she needed a place to stay when her other boyfriend kicked her out—though she told me she was staying with her best friend who had family in town! She’ll use you for a free place to stay, pack up your stuff to take with her when she’s ready to move back in with someone else, and then will keep calling you at random just to keep you holding on. She’ll use different numbers so you can’t really block her, email you constantly, send you letters in the mail, and so much more!!


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