Dangerous stalker Karam Dhaliwal

Dangerous stalker Karam Dhaliwal

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik this is Karam Dhaliwal. He is dangerous. Any woman wanting to date this man should be aware he will intrude into your life and say anything he has to, to get what he wants. He says “brown guys have ruined sh*t for him here” because of their notoriety for bad boyfriend behavior.

Karam is no different… violent, controlling, and tries to start fights with random people in any social setting. No social awareness. I’ve personally seen him assault 4 random guys in the span of a weekend. He’s prone to mood swings, outbursts, and may be schizophrenic. Don’t let his claims of having a major in criminology convince you he is of good character. He can’t hold a job because of his personality. It’s That bad. He bragged about knowing Cody Lebekoff personally. Enough said.


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