Dave Mcinnis: Scam Artist, Fraud And Sociopath

Dave Mcinnis: Scam Artist, Fraud And Sociopath

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, let me introduce everyone to David K. Mcinnis. He’s not the kind of person you would initially expect to find on this website, but alas – it was bound to happen sooner or later. This character is known for a lot of things, but it really is a shame that it has taken this long for the truth to come to light about this freak…. I will start by mentioning that he was involved in a crowd-funding campaign for a ’cause’ for male victims of domestic abuse called “Male Tears No More” – none of the money that was raised went to anything resembling the cause, but instead went into supplying his addictions and lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure that kind of thing would be considered International Fraud, but that’s none of my business I guess. Now that we’re on the topic of Fraud, I might as well mention as well that this guy works for VSC International – a website that is designed to assist private and public schools in managing their social media accounts… sounds cool right?

Sure, so long as you’re not scamming the government/honest people at the same time. This guy is collecting disability, and even convinced his worker that he is too disabled to even fill out a monthly stub…. but I mean, why would you want to be handing in stubs if you can just stay home and spend that time thinking of ways to scam the system and make all kinds of extra cash on the side? The worst part about it is that this guy is pretty good at lying, cheating, and stealing his way to the top, so not only is he scamming the system, he’s always looking for ways to cover his tracks/victimize people in ways that can’t be proven. He has been known to exploit people and manipulate them through ‘favors’ – he’ll do something nice for you, like help you with a place to stay for a day or so, or record some music for you and help you with small tasks, but not without a cost; there’s always a hidden agenda with this guy, and the more you tell him – the more information he gathers on you to use against you when it’s convenient for him…. He has a lot of skills, He grew up a practicing magician and he is quite skilled at all things slight-of-hand.

He plays a multitude of instruments and writes his own (terribly generic) music. But the most disturbing thing of all, is that this guy is practicing therapy on a few different clients without a license….. but he isn’t just ethically counseling and rehabilitating people – he’s programming them to need his services so that he can keep the cash flow coming in steady. If his clients aren’t coming around often enough, he’ll message them and harass them about it until they come in. He also maintains personal relationships with his clients (which is highly unethical) and often invites them over to spend time apart from the sessions he charges them for. He has had the same clients for a number of years, which should tell you, that he isn’t an honest ‘therapist’ at all – he’s in it for his own personal gain, to make a bit of extra cash to handle his ridiculous spending habits. ….believe it or not, it doesn’t end there. He is known among the fetish community, which is fine, but the thing of it is that he can’t help but steal from people – women’s underwear, dresses and clothing have been known to ‘disappear’ whenever he’s around and able to find the opportunity to steal. He also harassed a dear friend of mine on a daily basis and made her feel quite unsafe and uncomfortable whenever she was around him. But still he uses his ‘magic tricks’ to deceive people and control them for as long as he can. The guy is a slob; hardly a semblance of personal hygiene and can often be found sitting on his ass surrounded by the filth he accumulates…. Him and his ‘girlfriend’ Beaky MacLean are both scam artists (she also practices therapy unlicensed) and thieves.

They are quick to think of ways to take advantage of people, and they thrive on the failure of others. It needs to be known that David K. Mcinnis is not someone to be trusted. he is a fraud, a liar, and a thief. A creep, a sociopath, and a pig. If you ever come across this guy, turn the other way. You don’t want to see his magic tricks. You don’t want to listen to his god-awful songs… and you definitely don’t want to end up another victim…. In my entire life I have never met a more despicable person; and I’ve met a lot of unfortunate souls. I can’t in good conscience let everything this pathological liar and sociopath has done go unheard. The truth needs to come to light.

I can’t believe you made me read all this. All anyone had to do was look at the picture.- nik


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