Dead Beat Loser Kenton Wood

Dead Beat Loser Kenton Wood

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this pos right here is Kenton Wood. He abuses and uses girls, beat up his last ex, when all she did was pay for everything when he did not work. Got him everything he could ever ask for and more but then cheated on and abused by this loser.

I just want to protect every girl that is out there! Kenton is such a loser and so is his people. He is not mentally stable and tries to blame his Dad for his abusive ways. He will also say he is not cheating when he will be. He’s a dead beat dad also. Doesn’t see his kids or pay child support just uses them as trophies or for bragging rights. I feel bad for the next chick who falls for his foolish ways!!! Ladies watch out for this one.

Sounds like he uses his kids for ‘likes’.- nik

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