Deadbeat Team Mom Kyla Pearce

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik and ALL men watch out for this deadbeat dumpster fire. This pathetic piece of garbage tries to make it through life by tricking guys into getting her pregnant (lying about being on birth control) and hopes they will just support her welfare ass. Her loose snatch now has 5 kids from 3 different dudes. She doesn’t care about any of the kids so the dads all have to raise the kids 100% on their own while she screws off and tries to find new meat to slobber on. Kyla Pearce can’t hold down a job so if you just wave a 20$ in front of her face, just double bag your Greg or you will be paying for it for the next 18 yrs unlike my poor buddy B.

Sounds like all the Dad’s should make a Softball team so they can drink beers and discuss their pole times – that was a race car joke for you morons (finishing times inside Kyla). Anyway, RIP Senna.- nik