Definition of pathetic….. Eric Skalinder

Definition of pathetic….. Eric Skalinder

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you know how everyone thinks they know someone who’s just unbelievably out of pocket in so many ways that they surpass anyone else in the dirtbag footrace for infamous attention? Well,, up until 6 months ago i can truly say I have never met one person who had more than say 3 or 4 issues that were unacceptable and they usually were trying to work on some of them…..and then I saw Eric Skalinder.

I hung out with him for 2 weeks 4 years ago and decided he wasnt my type of friend and then I ran  nto him 4 years later in the lowest point of my whole life. Vulnerable and lonely, I decided to attempt a friendship with him regardless of the fact that he didnt work, didn’t have anywere to live, didn’t have any teeth, smelled terribly, and whos only purpose in life was to smoke meth. Talk about meth-  see, people who do the same and pretty much worship this substance.

I figured since I had been in a similar predicament and now I worked at black angus and had a new car and apartment that maybe he could change, too. I got him a job with my dad, let him move in, bought him clothes, a phone, food- whatever I did, he wanted to do, too. And I figured he would return the favor once he was able to- EEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!! WRONG.

He started making money and would literally buy me nothing. In the 6 months we were together, he never took me on one date. He took me to Taco Bell for my 25th bday 6 months into our relationship. Oh but it gets better. 3 months into my nightmare, he began throwing full beer cans at my face, stealing my money, my cigs. But he kept hitting me until it escalated to the point were he knocked me out in carmicheal by hitting me in the face with a metal bike frame an left me on the ground in carmicheal at night alone, unconcious and bleeding. He then preceded to ride his bike to my house and try and tell my family I hit myself.

Oh ya btw Eric has never once apologized for hitting me, lying to me, stealing from me, cheating on me and has the nerve to tell me I’m ridiculous for thinking he should apologize. He gave me a black eye 3 weeks ago after he found out I was pregnant because I asked him to get me food and he went and got himself food but not me so he “punished” me by blacking my eye by throwing an object at me.

He cheated on me with a 65 year old brainless toothless tweaker who is 65 pounds and I’ve personally seen videos where she is gettimg gangbanged by 5 guys and several objects. And even after I knew for a fact and had proof that hed been with her multiple times since we had been together, he continued to lie to my face repeatedly. He has never once admitted to/apologized for/taken responsibility for or manned up about any one thing/situation/mistake. He has no emotions and he’s extremely dangerous.

I always thought that a guy who hit you was supposed to be prince chatming afterwards becauae their guilt. But before he was with me he was with a 300 pound guy named Sean and they sucked each other off for a year and bragged about how much they loved it. I was unaware of this until recently, obviously, but I guess that would make sense of why he’s so heartless and beats me while I’m pregnant and doesnt do anything but steal the little I have.

I have an active restraining order against this pychco. He just popped my tires, shattered my back window and two front windows, keyed my whole car because I got a job in another city where I would need my vehicle.

ANY OTHER GIRLS OUT THERE CONSIDERING HIM PLEASE GO STAB YOURSELF IN THE FACE REPEATEDLY AN THEN RECONGNIZE THIS WOULD BE MORE ENJOYABLE THAN ERIC SKALINDER. AND I KNOW WHAT U MUST BE THINKING…..dam sex must of been great-  but nope, hes got a small Greg even though hes really tall. An he screws like a 14 year old- no technique, no skill, and definatly doesn’t care how you feel about the whole situation. He thinks hes doing you a favor by letting u suck his 4 inch Greg and then him bustin on your leg 2 min after it started.

Amazing read.- nik

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