Disgusting Cheating Broke Wannabe Sugar Daddy — Jay Burton

Disgusting Cheating Broke Wannabe Sugar Daddy — Jay Burton

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this man Jay Burton has been cheating on his wife for years, while soliciting girls to be their “sugar daddy”, but he doesn’t have any money. He claims to be a doctor, realtor, and now attorney. He has tattoos of his three kids on his stomach and claimed they were his brothers kids who passed away at war (who makes up stories like that?).

After doing research, I found Jay has a long criminal record of embezzlement (from his kids fundraisers), and fraud charges. This guy is a serious creep. He is on every website you can think of, trying to lure girls to him. He makes up fake pay pal emails to say he transfers you money (he doesn’t), and even writes fake checks. He’s very brave and not scared of the law which is extremely scary. Everyone beware and be careful!

OP- how much did your check bounce for?- nik


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