Don’t Be Fooled, I Can’t Have Kids For A Reason

Don’t Be Fooled, I Can’t Have Kids For A Reason

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know where to start with this female. Actually, yes I do, she can’t get pregnant, but will pretend that she is, so do not fall for that one. From what her ex husband says she had a late term abortion due to the fact she loved drinking coke so much it killed the kid, and that procedure prevented her vagina from spawning any more drug addicts demon spawns. Her dad was a crackhead, he is dead now, so you can only imagine what kind of psychological affects that had on this girl. Her mom has custody of her daughter and she lives with a grandmother that she claims she takes care of but doesn’t. When I met this girl, she said her Grandma had sundowners syndrome and beat her bedroom door in with a hammer and that her and her daughter had to call the cops to flee the house that night.

She also said her grandma forgee her 4,500.00 paycheck and that she took her to court for it, another cole drinking lie. This is just another dead coke drinkers daughter who knows nothing but lying and stealing to survive. She even sent a guy a google screen shot of a positive pregnancy test to make him think she was pregnant with his kid.

Oh, if she tells you some sob story about the guy she dated in TX, call him to confirm it, his name is Johnathan, bc he sent her ass back to Va bc she was a lying c**t rag that had to start a gofund me page for help. Then there is the rich mom and step dad that want nothing to do with her bc shs loves drinking that coke so much. Which makes sense bc her nose is so big she could suck down a big gulp in one breath.

You might want to do a criminal background check on this female before you even let her in your car, let alone your house. She will come up withnthisnstory as to why she has to stay with you so she can claim she lives there and rob your ass blind then say you allowed her in your house. Be warned.

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