“Double D” Denver’s Disgrace — April J. Garcia

“Double D” Denver’s Disgrace — April J. Garcia

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to begin with this P4P April J Garcia doc#126064. This piece of garbage has gone around Denver spreading her news, she’s a lying, cheating drunk driving maniac who clearly hasn’t learned anything from her time in prison as she continues to do the same thing. Girls and guys of Denver, keep an eye out for her, because she will sleep with your significant other as she believes she is God’s gift to this world and does nothing wrong.

This master manipulator is the type that will have a dark heart and put you down to build herself up. I suppose by now she probably has a disease that is unknown to the human race, so when you say hoe your not farming your strictly speaking of Double D April Garcia. When you see this girl use caution as she is either drunk or out to sleep with your partner. A true life piece of garbage.

Cool arms bro. She sounds like a lesbian. I’ve learned over the past few months that lesbians are master manipulators.- nik


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