Ed Michelchuk The Seasoned Crook

Ed Michelchuk The Seasoned Crook

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik and DA please meet Ed Michelchuk who lives in Calgary AB and owns a business dealing with air-conditioning and heating and is also a property owner/slumlord. Ed’s major malfunction is ripping people off through his company and he also rips people off who rent his rundown over priced housing. Probably to pay for his wife and daughters boob jobs and plastic surgeries while he drowns himself in Pepsi.

Not only is Ed a crooked man but he is also a creepy perv to his tenants, walking into their rented homes unannounced at all hours of the day whenever he feels like it. (Which happens to be illegal) but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ed is what you could call a nightmare to deal with, be it through his fraudulent business or dealing with him as a landlord. Ed lives to rip people off its how he provides for his silicone family in Edgemont.

Ed is a landlord who houses drug dealers and people with stolen identities and they are probably the people he rips off the most. The places he rents are overpriced and very run down with a splash of paint and air-conditioning to try and cover it up and his maintenance work is faulty cheap, like putting a bandaid on a severed head, not only that but he shows up to his rental homes unannounced and walks right in whenever he feels like it which is so sketchy. I would advise anyone to not do business with Edward Michelchuk at all cost he truly is a scam artist who with anger issues and a fake smile.

OP- were you in the shower when he walked in. Please say yes… it will help me mentally.- nik


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