Elita Gray of Miami, FL

Elita Gray of Miami, FL

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this female Elita Gray is the definition of photoshop & false identity. She loves to pose as a female with good looks, everything about her is false especially her looks. She’s far from that. She photo crops her photos on #socialmedia to appear small. In real life she is a hippo who uses men for money, telling them that she is in financial crisis, when in reality she is using it for drugs & alcohol habits.

Elita Gray told my male friend that her children had no new school clothes because the father of the children wouldn’t help her out, so my friend felt sorry for the children & wired her money for that reason. She used it all up to support her illegal drugs, alcohol & food to feed her obese ass. Not one dollar went to those children. Do not believe that this is what she looks like. Everything about her is photoshopped.

There is so much chin cleavage in this image that the breast come off sloppy. Elita, you don’t need to force the chest… it’s a bad look for the surgeon.- nik


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  1. JoshuaSeptember 8, 2017 at 8:50 AM

    I’ve seen this floozy around all the time. she comes into a bar where one of my friends works she gets wasted and tries to gather free alcohol from men, she looks no where close to this photo but the one I no is a hell of a lot rounder she looks squished downin this photo and the set of peps
    are not the same ones I’ve seen up close . She gets wasted and get loud and obnoxious. As far as her body being altered she altered so bad , she’s a big girl her clothes are way to tight for her gut. She has
    a lot of chins & is gigantic we thought she has some kind of gigantism lmao. This photo has been very altered . Unreal. She’s bigger than I am and I used to play football. Lmfao. She over did it with the peps . I can see the blurred lines trying to fool someone I guess . I’m a man and I can tell a fake set of peps rom some real ones but this floozy is a fraud she always orders bar food which is not impressive for a big girl who’s already large. She tried to flirt he turned her down nicely but with my bartender friend she seemed desperate & has very bad breath & a snaggle tooth. Noticeably why her mouth is shut for once in this photo. I no this because after he turned her down she tried talking to me, that’s whene i smelled BAD BREATH I almost gagged up my drink. The best part was when she got off of the bar chair her granny Roos were up to the first set of back rolls tucked underneath it. We were laughing and then she went off on us I always see her around a certain shopping area to. The top in this photo is the same one she was wearing at the bar a few times different days but mostly on the weekends. She’s not as attractive as she looks in this photo in person. She has huge hands and feet I would say about a size 11what could she be maybe man? She tries to make men buy her alcohol sometimes the older desperate guys will.