Erich Leden of Cleveland

Erich Leden of Cleveland

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Erich Leden. He is the textbook definition for a sociopath. He will manipulate, lie, and do literally anything if it will get him what he wants. For example, he is a straight man (at least I think) who has taken it in the butt for drugs. There is no length he won’t go to and no shame to get what he wants. He spent a year in jail for cooking meth and more months for constantly beating on his stripper baby momma.

You can find him preying on woman who don’t know him on Tinder because anyone who actually knows Erich knows what a POS he actually is. All of his pictures on there are 5+ years old from when he just got out of jail and was buff from not doing drugs. You will find the typical f boy shirtless selfies bc he is dirty.

First thing he tells people is that he owns his own landscaping company and is a manager at a pizza shop. Both are false. He works for a lawn company and is a pizza delivery boy. He also is 30 years old and lives in his parents basement. His parents pay for everything bc he spends all his money on drugs. He has no intention on ever moving out bc his parents enable him to do whatever he wants and they pay for his drug habit.

He will tell you he loves you in a week or two to get you to do whatever he wants. He prefers to prey on mothers and will try and get your children to call him Dad even though he is nowhere near worthy of such a title. On top of all that, he will cheat and always be on Tinder and talking to other women. When women figure out the real him, he disappears and finds another girl who doesn’t know him to manipulate immediately. This man truly has no feelings for anyone but himself and no remorse for the things he does to people. Beware of this lying, drug addict, sociopath. He will tell you he’s “clean” (what addict doesn’t lol) but he’s not, and everyone is just a pawn to whatever end game he has.

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