Every Girls Worst Nightmare — Michael Berry

Every Girls Worst Nightmare — Michael Berry

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is MICHAEL (MIKE) BERRY. This guy is every woman’s nightmare!! He is ALL OVER the online dating, TINDER, POF! It is the scariest thing because he will charm the pants off of you, with his “nice guy” appearance, and his career, and his pampering! He will spoil you and buy you gifts, cook for you.. and tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear from a man. You will think you’re in love, but its all an act!

This guy is disgusting!! He works out of town in camps, and I can promise you he is messaging chicks to bang in every town he’s in, just to stroke his ego. He will tell you, you are the girl for him, but don’t let that fool you! He will be cheating on you throughout the entire relationship.

Every argument you get it, it will take him about 5 minutes before he’s messaging one of his back burners!!! One woman will NOT satisfy him so matter how “perfect for him” he tells you, you are. He will tell you that you are different and fill your head with all the nice things you’ve always wanted to hear. But any opportunity he will get, he will cheat. Check his phone. He deletes the messages and has it down to an ART. You have kids? He will play daddy and then destroy your kids hearts when they find out he is a liar and never cared!! He has no heart!!!

GIRLS BE WARNED. You are about to get your heart smashed to pieces. He has cheated on every girl friend he has ever had, and is pretty good at getting away at it too. Don’t be fooled. You’ve been warned. This guy is a PIG! You will never be enough for him. He will lie through his teeth and seem so sincere and convincing, but one day you will catch him red handed. I promise you that!!!

I can’t believe you slept with this guy (multiple times).- nik


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  1. You'll never knowAugust 30, 2017 at 1:31 PM

    I wonder if this was sent in by the psycho ex…