Exposing Alicia The Cheater

Exposing Alicia The Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first I want to say that I want to thank you so much for bringing back the local gossip element of your site! I’ve been a fan of TheDirty and will always support your site and all your projects. I’ve learned a lot from TheDirty and believe it provides a great service to the world because it shows how people behave behind closed doors. It happened just in time, too, because on Saturday afternoon I ran into this girl at a bar in Scottsdale.

She was in a bikini and was very vulgar and loud. She bragged about how she hooked up with a random dude behind her boyfriend’s back this past Friday night at her hotel after meeting him off Tinder. Basically she was right there and all her friends were laughing as she told the story of how she hooked up with this guy. Her and her friends were apparently in Scottsdale on a road trip from Tuscon.

I overhead bikini girls friends call her “Alicia”. I was so pissed off at the situation so when they decided to leave I decided to follow them outside and see if I could get her license plate. She said she was borrowing her boyfriends car so I figured I could get the plate number and give it to my private investigator friend to get the boyfriends contact info so I could contact him and tell him his girl is cheating.

I went outside and took a video on my phone pretending I was asking them directions to Walmart. This is a screenshot of her and the friend that laughed. I used the markup feature in the photo app to scratch out the plate number of the car they were standing in front of because that wasn’t their car. My PI friend told me he couldn’t legally look up the plate number. So I decided instead of looking up the boyfriend I would post this here with the hope that somehow someone would recognize this girl and show it to her boyfriend. Cheating is a very horrible and messed up thing to do to someone. And I was so pissed off the way this Alicia talked about how her boyfriend saying he “was too stupid” to figure out she was cheating. Well, I hope she is in for a rude awakening real soon!

You don’t need hope. His and her phone are blowing up as you read this. Also, for the record those +2’s are not big enough… the purpose is to proportionalize but all I see are fat arms and legs.- nik


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