Fahrin Jaffer has issued a fatwa on Nik Richie and The Dirty

Fahrin Jaffer has issued a fatwa on Nik Richie and The Dirty

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, if there was one individual who is boiling mad at your return, it’s gotta be none other than P4P escort Fahrin Jaffer the notorious The Dirty celeb. Upon hearing of your return, Fahrin Jaffer went to her Ismaili mosque in Toronto Canada and asked her Imam to issue a ‘fatwa’ against you and is calling for acts of Jihad to be carried out against the Dirty Army!

Fahrin Jaffer in is the epitome of a fraud. Fahrin Jaffer lies about everything. Fahrin Jaffer is 49 years old and she says she has never been married or had any kids. In reality, Fahrin Jaffer was married thrice and has several kids out of wedlock. After Fahrin Jaffer meets a man on the Tinder app and various other dating sides, she sleeps with them right away and demands money or she would cry rape. The men have no choice but to pay her hefty amounts of money.

This is no surprise given that Fahrin Jaffer was (or is still is) a call girl and she still works occasionally as an escort. Even worst, during sexual intimacy, Fahrin Jaffer is excessively flatulent and downright hygienic. Yes, Fahrin FARTS a LOT!!! Fahrin Jaffer is known to court and be sexually intimate with several men at the same time without disclosing this to any of the men. Fahrin Jaffer also tells people that she is educated and worked at big corporate law firms but in reality this unemployed bum went to the worst law school on the planet to be a bottom feeding plaintiff side ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer – Thomas Cooley Law School. People out there need to leery of this unabashed cheating fraud Fahrin Jaffer!!!


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