Fake Post About The Real Drama Beats

Fake Post About The Real Drama Beats

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I encountered this site in regards to The Real Drama Beats I have been following this person for a long time. The story did not sit well with me, so I reached out to that person. After talking to him and doing my own research, it eats me inside the story I heard from The Real Drama Beats and how he ended on this site.

Before everyone thinks I’m The Real Drama Beats and posting this, no, you can follow me on Twitter @chrischris416 or ovofifth on Instagram. The Real Drama Beats responded to an online bullying where a male person was abusing a female calling her names ugly etc … The Real Drama Beats ended up coming on to a post and noticed that male was abusing a female. He responded by calling a female pretty. Person that created this post on The Dirty ended up calling The Real Drama Beats a child lover. It is very funny when a male abuses a female then goes online and tries to toss shades onto a person that tried to help.

Even though The Real Drama Beats did not want me to get this story out, I did. I served in Iraq 2 years and one thing we did learn was what we do in military service no one will ever know. The Real Drama Beats laughed and loves The Dirty as it did bring him 10,000 followers it is sad that the comments I read are pretty much from same person creating multiple accounts ….shout out to Drama. Six Do we support Women abuse???? I guess we do by fake posts.


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