Follow Up To The Crazy Havasu Girl — Erika Vaughan

Follow Up To The Crazy Havasu Girl — Erika Vaughan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Havasu gone Tempe girl… 6 years later and not much has changed. The odors emitting from the part time lesbian can get the attention of the entire room, thankfully she knows her crowd and heads off out of sight with any desperate nasty guy(s) she thinks she could get erect enough to actually risk their health, and self respect to bend this creature over and chance breeding the skank, only for her to give up a second child so she can continue her partying and getting humped daily.

It’s the only way she can measure her self worth, and worst yet, her girlfriend who is such a sweetheart has no idea the things this androgynous sociopath is doing behind her back. Her sister, Alicia Vaughan, is no better. She’s on baby number two and was cheating with 2 different men off and on throughout her entire pregnancy as her man worked away. I hope these incest, rug bumpers get found out so the have no one but each other At least if they’re doing the things they do at parties together, alone, they’re not reproducing, or hurting good men along the way.

Erika Vaughan and Alicia Vaughan have always been the party girls thinking they could get by with anything on anyone because they’re the cool “party girls” and would put on cooter sniffing/licking shows for anyone around, they couldn’t keep their clothes on if they tried.

I figured out why they call it ‘Hump Day’, it has nothing to do with the arch of the week. According to my studies- If you have sex every Wednesday you will be happier in life. This doesn’t mean before you go to bed… it needs to be like medication, you need to do it twice a day. Try it next Wednesday, let me know if it cures your depression into the weekend.- nik

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