Franciele Medeiros is Delusional

Franciele Medeiros is Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went out in Hollywood and saw this little flooz Franciele Medeiros. She immediately let everyone know she’s one of those girls with a ton of followers on Instagram and began acting like her feces doesn’t stink. Her forehead is actually huge in real life. I couldn’t stop staring at it. And she has the ditziest voice I’ve ever heard.

I wanted to slap her every time she opened her mouth. She was drunk as hell and trying to get everyone to drink with her sloppy ass. It’s funny seeing Insta girls act like they live this fit life, but are sloppy floozies when they step out into the scene begging for molly and Pepsi. She was asking everyone at the table if she could have a bump. I wanted to buy the poor thing her own 8 ball just to shut her up.

She’s dating this guy Nate Bossi who looks like a women beater. He’s a whole nother submission I’ll have to submit later but he’s a cheater and liar. This couple makes no sense except the fact that she is a P4P and needs a quick come up on his money.

I’m confused how this relationship converts to likes and followers? Speaking of neck tattoos, what’s up with @Giotraining — where is PMOY? Did they break up? I don’t see her on his IG… I’m so out of the loop. Gio I need legal muscles, my body/muscles are in complete atrophy mode from the MS. Please slide in my DM.- nik

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