Gray Kiellerman Is Woodstock’s Finest

Gray Kiellerman Is Woodstock’s Finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is most likely the dirtiest guy on the gay scene! Nik, he spends most of his time chatting with young boys on the internet and his JOB at the WOODSTOCK WINNERS and thinking of new ways he can get them to ‘come over’.

Many people who have slept with him in the past are now living with DRD consequences. He sleeps around with any guy. This thing needs to win floating mattress of the year. I went out of town and he cheated on me with a tranny!!!!!! HE claims to make tons of money on the side doing “jobs” on back page. He’s very lost, confused, and out of control Nik.

Sounds like the ultimate sword fighter… I don’t see the issue. And the term Woodstock in my mind — person who doesn’t brush their teeth. ie. “That chick is a total Woodstock”. In this case- “That Gay is a total Woodstock”. Yes, you can steal that term… you already stole my life.- nik

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