Habitual Liar And Cheater Sean Semple

Habitual Liar And Cheater Sean Semple

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dated this guy for two years. During this time Sean Semple took personal and explicit pictures and videos of both myself and the girl he dated before me and sent them to random people on chat sites. These pics even included our faces.

I found out he was with multiple females from dating sites and would sleep with them unprotected and after come home and crawl in bed with me. At the end I also found text messages proving that he had bought and paid for prostitutes. He has no respect for females and if you call him on anything he will tell you and everyone that you are the crazy one. If you see this guy coming turn around and run.

So you are saying your nudes are public record now. Does your mom know? If I were you, I would get ahead of this and post the nude images of yourself so you have some control of the situation. The internet is not your friend.- nik


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