Happy Father’s Day To Everyone

Happy Father’s Day To Everyone

I tried this “love, peace and God” thing for 6 months. Not for me. I cannot conform I guess… People are inherently evil. That being said let’s get the spark back in your life. I’m back and extremely angry… so if you burn me prepare to die. No more friends, no more favors.- nik

**Karla the answer is NO … Oh and Happy Father’s day.

Hi Nik, 

I have been posted on your website three years ago, with private photos of myself as well as my name and information when I was just a minor barely in high school. I respect you and your work, but the comments and derogatory references to the sections of the post and comments on the article about myself are not only hurtful to myself but to my life also. The false regard for myself have hindered many life opportunities so far, and I’m afraid this will continue to happen due to one article. I am not a person in the limelight, instead, I am a regular hard working student. Please, I am asking you, to just take a moment of your time to review this, the comments too. I again am not a regular on social media, or a model, just a regular student. 

Post date: October 1st, 2014

Link: https://gossip.thedirty.com/?p=1716768

Thank you for your time,
Karla Simonet

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