Hasan Suliman (FACET STUDIO) Is A Dangerous Scam Artist

Hasan Suliman (FACET STUDIO) Is A Dangerous Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am writing this to you as a matter last result and at an attempt for you to help get justice from this manipulating, predator con artist photographer who should be placed in jail. Hasan Suliman who goes by (FACET STUDIOS) sometimes Facet Studio is a predator photographer who preys on vulnerable women promising them a modeling career and “celebrity career” in exchange for sexual favors and money.

Facet Studio/Hasan Suliman conned me out of $900 personally after I shot with him in Los Angeles and he never sent the photos and completely stopped answering my calls and text. After seeing one of his pictures reposted on instagram. I thought I would give him a chance and attempt to schedule a shoot. He told me it would cost $900 and reluctantly I agreed, believing his promise that he would help me in the industry.

During the shoot and prior he made numerous “sexual advances” in which I politely declined. He then told me the way I could get ahead is by doing what I needed to do to get ahead. Suliman Facet Hasan is a complete pig. After the shoot, I never received the photos. When I would text him and ask him about the update with my pictures he simply would come up with an excuse until he eventually just stopped answering my text messages altogether. He is known for throwing lingerie parties in which he tries to pimp out some of his models to C-List Celebrities for a “shout out”.

He posts numerous videos on his instagram claiming “how women should get ahead”. He then deletes them. The bottom line is that Hasan Suilman / Facet Studio and his “so-called business” are disgusting. He has even been known to hack one of his ex-models Crystal Renee’s page when she rejected him. The guy is a complete psycho.

He even went as far as creating a fake Wikipedia page to pretend he is important. There have been reports of nearly 50 women with similar incidents with this sleazeball. Some girls have even gone as far as calling this guy the next day modern day Bill Cosby as far as slipping stuff in their drinks at shoots. However, this did not happen to me so I cannot say that its true, but I did have a girl tell me she shot with him and that he gave her something to calm help relax her for the shoot.

This guy has been reported to numerous other websites. His alias are Facet Studio, Facet Studios, Suliman Facet Hasan, Suliman Hasan, Hasan Suilman. The other websites he has been reported on are listed below. Such as Rip Off Report The Better Business Bureau Instagram: TheFacetStudioScam FacetStudioScam and many more. If other women who are read this have been victimized by this please don’t be ashamed and come forward with your story.

So did he grab your boobs or what? You can’t just say “sexual advances” and leave out the advances.- nik


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  1. TrezorJanuary 9, 2018 at 5:18 PM

    He current scammed me out of 500 and I’m only 20 I’m looking into how to file a small claims as I post this and I’m located in Philadelphia our shoot was in October of 2017 it’s now January 2018

    • ScammedJanuary 24, 2018 at 6:08 AM

      This scammer scammed me out of $1000! It’s been 4 months and no pics. He tried to have sex with me but I read about his dirty dick all over the internet. He takes your money and blocks you online. He even took down the reviews on his fake lingerie company cause people are getting scammed. How do these Instagram that’s support this fake pimp wanna be.

  2. NoHeroesSeptember 16, 2017 at 7:14 PM

    This guy is a coast hopping scumbag.. Loves Houston so n
    He can get unassuming stripper or escort the chance to live out these “Celebrity Lives”. I would say hes running an escort service but he can’t keep women around long enough.

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