Heartless Natalie Gutierrez Villanueva of San Antonio, Texas

Heartless Natalie Gutierrez Villanueva of San Antonio, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Natalie Gutierrez Villanueva. She works at Home Health agency for seniors. While she used extortion against her own elderly mother and withheld medication from her. Natalie threatened and manipulated her mother for years. At the time of her mother’s death she was trying to make changes to her life insurance. Natalie ensured those changes were never official. Instead at when her mom passed in Feb. 2017 Natalie as sole beneficiary cashed the check and refused to pay her mother’s funeral expenses.

She post of trips and purchases acting like her mothers death was her personal lotto ticket. Not only is she keeping every dime of the life insurance she is fighting the rest of her siblings for what’s left in the bank and for property. She truly has no shame. Is this the person you trust looking after your elderly parent? Stay clear of the agency she works for or she may manipulate her way into someone else’s insurance.

She looks like a Mexican Mama June.- nik


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