Heather Farquhar – Boyfriend stealer/slore

Heather Farquhar – Boyfriend stealer/slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do not trust this girl. She’s straight up trash and she is fake and a manipulative slore. This girl slept with her best friends boyfriend multiple times (they’d been dating for 5 years.. who wants to wreck a 5 year relationship let alone it was her best friends boyfriend!) And when the truth came out she lied to her best friend about it, her best friends boyfriend broke up with her lying and claiming he had just lost feelings but truth was he was so ashamed and guilty of cheating and thought she deserved better. So Heather let her best friend cry on her shoulder for so long, the truth started to come out and she denied it and even threatened her best friend saying “if you don’t believe me and are going to believe everyone else, than your not a real friend and I can’t be friends with You”.


How screwed up is that?? She seriously doesn’t have a heart or morals to do sh1t like that… anyways so eventually heathers best friend started to believe the rumors and Heather ended her friendship with her, (Heather didn’t even feel guilty for what she did… she clearly is f*cked in the head) down the road a few months later heathers ex-Bestfriend found out the truth from her ex-Boyfriend who cheated on her with Heather. See folks… Heather was never going to tell her best friend… instead she found out from her ex-boyfriend. SHADY SLORE. So her ex-bestfriend and her ex-boyfriend ended up working it out and getting back together after 4 months of being broken up and dating other people. Heather was out of the picture for awhile.. then she tried to come back and she started messaging her ex-bestfriends boyfriend again wanting to be friends. Uh huh.. friends… sure. Actually Heather somehow got a boyfriend not sure how she pulled it off but her boyfriend was friends with her ex best friends boyfriend. So she used that to get back in. Heather is lucky that girl gave her another chance and tried to move forward but little did she know that the girl was studying her every move and she knew what to look for. Eventually red flags started popping up and alarm bells started going off for the girl… the girl found text messages of Heather bashing the girls family and blaming them for her not getting over the cheating situation and she kept saying she needs to get over it. I’m sorry it’s kinda hard to get over it when your boyfriend keep a hanging out with the girl he cheated on you with ?? Anyone agree with that!? And she has zero rights to tell her to get over it when she’s the skank who decided to f*ck her best friend boyfriend multiple times. So now the girl has cut off Heather and finally got her boyfriend to cut her off too.


But now we are finding out that Heather is sexting her ex-boyfriend behind her present boyfriend’s back… Yup Heather has a boyfriend and he’s texting her ex inappropriate things and saying how she misses him loves him and asks to work things out one day and how she wants to f*ck him and that if she ever met up with him she would f*ck him. All while in a relationship… and her ex has a girlfriend… and guess what? Heather has recently become friends with her (her ex’s girlfriend) and has gotten close with her…. surprise surprise right? This girl will never change. She’s a liar and manipulative and she will sleep with your boyfriend at any chance even if you’re her best friend or not. You can’t trust girls like this especially her. Everyone needs to know who this girl actually is and everyone needs to know the truth about her be very careful and cautious of this girl. Do not befriend her seriously she will do whatever benefits her in the end, she only thinks of herself and no one else, this girl even lied to her own parents about sleeping with her ex best friend’s boyfriend people like that are f*cked up and will never change! It’s time the world knows who she really is because I know her ex-bestfriend is way too scared to go public and way too scared to talk about it and this is exactly why I’m here writing this story because people need to know who this girl is before she hurts another innocent soul.


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  2. Georgia97July 15, 2018 at 4:10 AM

    Can we put a character limit on submissions? Please and thank you.

    • Holabola29July 23, 2018 at 11:40 AM

      Who cares how long the story is honestly if you don’t wanna read it then keep scrolling. Especially for someone with this kind if info and story. I know this girl she’s from Port Coquitlam Canada. GROSS!

  3. RobJuly 15, 2018 at 12:51 AM

    Is this monica?

  4. Hendey101574July 14, 2018 at 11:16 PM

    Her face is asymmetric; what about her boobs and ass?

  5. NobodyJuly 14, 2018 at 10:38 PM

    With friends like these. Her boyfriend will eventually give in to the temptation and bang her again…and again…and again.