Heather McGuire of Freeport

Heather McGuire of Freeport

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Heather McGuire. She’s from the Natrona Heights area bit currently living in Freeport. She left her fiance about a year ago claiming he was an alcoholic & was beating her up from time to time. I know both her and her ex. I won’t mention his name to save him the shame.

Heather had it made. He provided for her & their son, Went to work no matter what, Bought the house they lived in. Yea he may of drank beer everyday; however he was a stand up guy & made sure his family NEVER went without. Heather & their son never needed nothing- maybe wanted but never needed. Heather didn’t even have to work! He (her ex) made sure Heather stayed clean from drugs. But apparently that wasn’t enough because she’s with some loser guy now & Heather is now back to hitting the needle again.

Such a shame she gave up her man, house & good life AND brace yourself- Heather even gave up on her 1yr old son. Yep, you heard me right. She just handed her son over to his daddy (He’s a great dad and he’s better off with him) but it makes me sick just saying that. She gave up on her own flesh and blood for Dope.

Now the friends she had including myself who would do anything to help her stay away from that sh*t. She’s burned them all in some sort away. Me being the last friend she still had burned me for over $100- took it right out of my wallet. Im so sick over this.

Heather. if you read this…. You need to get help! It’s too late to get the life & friends you had back, but get your head out your a*s. So what I’m trying to tell you current, old, new friends, boyfriends. whatever you may be to her- watch out. Watch your purses, wallets, and guys I’d be careful if you want a sexual encounter with her. She’s been sleeping around with randoms for dope & lets face it, no job, no money Heather is using a needle clean or dirty… Be warned!!! What would you say to her or others Nik???


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