Hollywood Watch Out For Daisy Leah of Playboy

Hollywood Watch Out For Daisy Leah of Playboy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Daisy Lea, a P4P playboy “model” living in LA. She’s been on TMZ for having her p*ssy hanging out walking down the street in Beverly Hills, but also better known for blackmailing super rich guys that she Escorts for.

Daisy started working to feed her plastic surgery addiction but then it became a game of full on greed. She gets pimped out by different modeling agencies and either drugs the guy and take their money or takes some pictures during her overnights and later extorts them. Warning everyone to not end up like my buddy that had to pay her out half a mill to keep her quiet about their affair.

Daisy seems very athletic. Also, Daisy, now that you’re rich can you treat me to Nobu Malibu? All my friends are cheap. Thanks.- nik


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