Hose Bag Mason A. Cassidy of Windsor

Hose Bag Mason A. Cassidy of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mason A. Cassidy! He has knowingly slept with a P4P while dating a girl. He gave her money while telling his girl he was broke. He has stolen family heirlooms and bought expensive toys with the money he got from selling them. He moves in with girls to get them to use their money to pay his way through life while his bank account sits high so he can afford things on Amazon.

Once the girl has no money or has entered high payments on things he skips town. He has not paid his own rent in over 4 months now. He has scabs all over his Greg and refuses to get them checked and still sleeps around knowing he might have something to pass along. His underwear are full of skid marks and he does not clean up after himself.

He still calls his grandparents to help him with everything including his laundry and he can’t even drive. He beat up the last girl he is with and used the fact the she was on anti depressants against her. When he moves out of peoples homes he threatens to call the cops if they are home when he comes to get his stuff and he also leaves a few things there on purpose just so he can threaten to charge them for with holding property. He makes false accusations to the police about girls trying to kill themselves so they have to go to the hospital so he can go be with the next girl and the one in the hospital can’t leave to stop it.

Mason, I want to hate you but I can’t. Your game is strong… the hospital trick is some David Copperfield gangster sh*t.- nik


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